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The world is full of micro-organisms which endanger our lives. They are invisible, but after their uncontrollable multiplication you can clearly see or smell their influence. Textiles are also exposed to the germs’ impact. Stains and smell are only an external sign of their attack. Prolen® itself is resistant to bacteria, moulds and fungi. This effect can be enhanced by adding an antibacterial agent to the polymer which gives the yarn a permanent bacteriostatic property. This agent disables micro-organisms from growing, preventing multiplication of bacteria, fungi and moulds and is hence welcomed by people with allergies and respiratory problems.

Prolen® Siltex and Prolen® Bodyfresh progressive fibres have been created for underwear , outerwear, workwear, to protect in environments which require high hygienic standards (hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, sports facilities, facilities with high contamination risk - food and pharmaceutical industries and at home). They are active towards grampositive and gramnegative bacteria. They reduce spreading of infections by stopping the growth of bacteria and fight with fungi. This way they stop the creation of bad smells and set a hygienic freshness to your product. Due to the fact that the bacteriostatic agent is applied to the core of the yarn and not to its surface, it doesn`t migrate from the fabric to the skin and permanently remains in the fabric even after multiple washing.

Prolen® Siltex and Prolen® Bodyfresh is a special polypropylene yarn modified by an antibacterial additive on the basis of biogenic silver ions, harmless to man and the environment. Silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria and moulds, reduce unpleasant smells and keep a biological balance of your skin during top or recreational sports activities. The antimicrobial effect of silver has been known since the times of Ancient Rome and its high activity has been verified over the centuries.


Conformity of antimicrobial properties of Prolen® Siltex with the technical requirements of the American standard AATCC 100-1998 was confirmed by the Authorized Body SKTC-119. Antibacterial activity of Prolen® Siltex  against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria was also evaluated by the Institut Français Textile - Habillement according to the standard ISO/CD 20743 - Absorption Method (2004).